STEP 7: Shipment Control

Under commonly used ‘FOB’ terms, once the shipment is on its way, international commercial law dictates that the cargo already belongs to the client. However, we’re still here to help! We’ll provide continuous support if you need it, handling any additional documentation that helps you with customs clearance, as well as any other needs you may have at the destination port.

Also, we always ask for feedback about the finished goods to make sure we’re providing the best possible supply chain management services to our partners. We look forward to working with you again on your next order!

Consumer Product Journey

Your shipment of good-quality children’s scissors is on its way to your warehouse. We hope the kids enjoy using them!

Delivery Tracking


Your shipment of quality children’s scissors is on its way to your warehouse.


Continuous support with additional paperwork can be provided at your location, if required.

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