STEP 3: Brand Building

At this stage, you can either decide to design your own branded product, or go with a factory default one. We can provide you with artwork ideas and die cuts so you can bring your own identity to your product, taking the branding right through to manual design, packaging and more. Or, you can skip this step entirely and use the generic brands provided by the manufacturing company at a lower development cost.

Does your country require product certification?

A lot of markets have strict laws calling for a pre-production certification of the overall construction and functionality of the product. Our logistics management team can arrange this if needed, as well as through our partner certification agencies.

Consumer Product Journey

So, would you like your own branding for your scissors?

Your Product

  • Not a problem. Sometimes the existing product can speak for itself.

    About brand building

    Brand building can bring significant value to your product, and go far beyond simply adding a logo. Our in-depth market knowledge and experience allow us to advise what’s likely to work best in your specific market.

    Great! In most cases we recommend this, as it makes your product special and stand out. Also, the benefits can be more than just visual: the way a product is designed can also enhance its user-friendliness.