STEP 2: Supplier Sourcing

We’re constantly sourcing and evaluating suppliers based on their quality, reliability, standards and safety. We’ll go through our carefully screened providers to find the best matches for your case. Different market segments and demographics call for varying price/quality ratios, and each supplier has its pros and cons. We’ll help you come to the right decision and negotiate the pricing on your behalf.

Consumer Product Journey

You’re looking for a reliable and good-quality supplier at a reasonable price. You have a lot of convenience store outlets, so a large MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) is not a problem. Usually, there would be a number of options we’d provide you with. So, for the point of our scissors example, let’s go ahead and choose one now.


Pick a desired supplier based on MOQ and Unit Price indexes

MOQ’s (Minimum Order Quantity) and Unit Prices are for illustration purposes only.

  • We’re not sure about this one, because cheapest is not always the best. In the case of children’s scissors, we think a decent quality is more important.

  • We agree. The price is very reasonable for what you are getting: great quality control at a nice pace. The MOQ is not a problem. Let’s go with supplier 2.

  • This could be an option, but we think the quality and low MOQ does not warrant the price difference. Perhaps it’s a bit over the top and expensive for this situation. We can chat further about this and come to the right decision for your needs.


Safety is a key concern in any children’s product. A cheap scissor solution might be unsafe, especially for kids, so it’s better to pay a little more rather than risking a safety issue. Your MOQ does not need to be low, and from our experience, supplier B is offering a fair price.