STEP 1: Consultancy

We’ll ask you for as much detail about what you’re looking for as you can provide –dimensions, materials, functionality, aesthetics, colours, etc. – and we’ll talk through your best options. In order to maximise returns and reduce manufacturing costs, we’re likely to recommend a large volume.

Once we’ve found the most suitable consumer products for your needs, we’ll send you samples for your approval. Or, if the product doesn’t exist yet, we can work with you to design a new one. We also handle non-specific requests, like ‘hot-selling novelty gadgets’ or ‘bespoke furniture’, using our expertise and market knowledge to find the right solution for you.

Consumer Product Journey

So, we were looking into sourcing scissors for kids for the North American market.


Please choose a product that closely matches your request. While our actual supply chain management process is clearly more detailed and considered, this gives you an idea of how we present options and come to decisions together.

Please select one of the products.

  • This option may work; however, based on your case, we actually think B is better. Let us explain why, and of course the final decision is up to you.

  • We agree with you here – this seems to be the most logical choice. Let’s go with B.

  • Based on our consultation, the specifics of these scissors are probably not the best match for you. But let us explain why we think this way, and you will make the final decision.


Since we’re doing this for kids aged 4 to 8, it’s important that ergonomics are considered.

Both A and C options can be heavy, sharp and dangerous.

Plastic, when combined with light metals, can also be durable. Therefore, we suggest option B.