Executive Team

Yves Sousa

Yves Sousa is a Brazilian national with residency and an educational background in the USA, holding a BA in International Business from Pepperdine University in California. He is a dedicated leader, with extensive work experience throughout South and North America, Europe and Asia.

Driven by his passion and the opportunities in the marketplace, in 2007 Yves co-founded the Hong Kong-based Iris Group – currently operating in the trading, manufacturing, food and beverage, and hospitality sectors. He is also part of one of the largest tactical training organisations in the USA.

Yves is an avid shooter and firearms enthusiast, as well as an accomplished surfer, Brazilian jiu-jitsu fighter and soccer player.

Dino Sadhwani

Raised in Singapore and with family roots in Hong Kong, Dino Sadhwani attended university in Los Angeles and has been a passionate entrepreneur from a young age.

Dino set up his first business at the age of 15, and in the years since, has developed multiple ventures in the areas of real estate, food and beverage, wellness, commodities, venture capital, and supply chain management, that operate in many countries around the world.

He co-founded Iris Group in 2007 and has continually grown the company, focusing on building long-lasting client relationships based on integrity and trust. In his spare time, Dino enjoys football, tennis, mathematics, travelling and, most importantly, spending time with his three kids.