About Iris

Your Products, Our Experience

As specialists in China product sourcing and logistics management, we know the unparalleled benefits that China offers to businesses wanting to bulk-buy and build consumer products. China goods are usually significantly cheaper than items made elsewhere, but getting the best quality assurance and value for money can be complex and challenging.

That’s where we come in. At Iris, we responsibly manage the entire supply chain process from start to finish, strategically sourcing almost any consumer product from our trusted suppliers and handling development, branding, production and delivery – wherever you are in the world.

Beginning with getting your creative concept right, we then help you choose the best supplier, negotiate prices, create and implement branding if needed, prepare and process paperwork, conduct quality checks, consolidate international shipping and logistics, and provide any final assistance required as your shipment arrives. During this entire process you’re involved every step of the way.

Established in 2007 by two energetic entrepreneurs, Yves and Dino, Iris is presently located in Hong Kong – Asia’s leading logistics and financial hub. As self-confessed perfectionists, our mission is to ensure the utmost customer satisfaction by sourcing consumer products in China from quality factories, which ship on time and with maximum efficiency. Our vast client network spans from North America to Australia, and we’re experienced in delivering goods to both open and heavily restricted markets.

We’re proud of our reputation as a long-term, trusted China sourcing agent with our clients, who always come back to us for their next order.


The China Challenge

China is a fantastic country to produce consumer products in, with countless factories ready to create whatever you need at hard-to-beat prices. However, there are plenty of challenges when importing from China that need to be overcome to reap these benefits.

Many factories are notorious for over-promising, and will tell a prospective client anything he or she wants to hear to get their business. Internal quality management systems can fall short as factory owners try to cut corners with their expenditure. Communication can also be frustrating unless you speak Chinese. Agents may only ask for a small percentage of the product price, but will often negotiate a higher sales price with the factory, as well as a back-end fee, to achieve a higher commission.


Making China Work for You

At Iris, we effectively bridge the gap between China suppliers and clients overseas by providing a synergy of benefits to our customers based on our experience and expertise in China, partners on the ground, and unwavering professionalism. Consider us your eyes and ears in the world’s most beneficial country for consumer products manufacturing.

We’ve already established excellent relationships with the wholesale factories in China that provide the most reliable and responsible services. Our vast consumer product lines and brand projects have encompassed a broad array of consumer industry categories, such as garden tools and other hardware, household appliances and kitchenware, electric appliances, consumer electronics, living room and bathroom items, and products built for the beach.

Collectively, we understand global markets, client needs and objectives, the mentality of suppliers and manufacturing companies in China, and the challenges and opportunities of international shipping and logistics management. Our entire team at Iris works every day to ensure our clients are served with integrity, humility and passion – and with the best-quality products.